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Bilstein B16

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bilstein coiloverRacing and road driving united

The BILSTEIN Clubsport suspension kit is a fully street-legal, TÜV-certified high-end coilover package that is also designed for uncompromising use in the fields of racing and clubsport. The suspension combines the tried-and-tested BILSTEIN mono-tube gas pressure technology with the highest levels of engineering from the field of motor sport.

The 2-way adjustment system, complete with integrate reservoir, provides the necessary weight advantage for racing and clubsport use compared to systems with external reservoirs. Rebound and bump force can be adjusted independently via the two easily accessible motorsport-proven aluminium adjustment wheels inside the vehicle. Ten positive detent adjustment positions for both bump and rebound enable the setup to be changed quickly and accurately at all times.

With 10 x 10 clicks, a wide range of handling characteristics can be created in just seconds, allowing for instant back-to-back set-up and testing. In combination with the supplied uniball supporting bearing, it is possible to select the suitable setup for the respective track, weather conditions and vehicle weight, as well as driver and tyre characteristics using the chamber adjustment and the 100 possible characteristics settings.



  • 100 setting variations that can be experienced and manually selected with tangible differences
  • Adjustment wheels with clearly visible and distinct scaling from 1 (soft) to 10 (hard)
  • Clear click resolution and colour-coding: red for rebound force, blue for bump force
  • Simple setup changes in installed state without additional tools
  • Camber adjustment with uniball supporting bearing
  • Weight and Installation Space advantages thanks to integrated reservoir
  • Quality racing springs made from highly durable material
  • Spring plates and lock nuts made from special aluminium alloy
  • Camber adjustment with aluminium uniball supporting bearing
  • Street-legal: German TÜV certificate
  • Fine-tuned by BILSTEIN under real motorsport conditions
  • Spring plates and lock nuts made from special aluminium alloy
  • Aluminium uniball supporting bearing
  • Aluminium adjustment wheels
  • Highest force closure by BILSTEIN mono-tube gas pressure technology from the field of motorsport „Made in Germany“
  • 2-way adjustment system, independent adjustment of rebound and bump force
  • Surface coating using Triple-C-Technology® for long-lasting corrosion resistance
  • Foundation for further customisations for use in the field of racing
  • Street-legal: German TÜV certificate